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Corsica: Places of interest, itineraries, and sports activities

Maison Simonpietri is located in the hamlet of Suare, in the village of Cagnano, a typical Corsican village 4 km from the sea. The village is located in the middle of Cap Corse, in a particularly strategic location to visit the most interesting places of Upper Corsica.


5 beaches in Cap Corse to discover

1. Marina di Pietracorbara Beach

This white sandy beach can be easily reached from the road. It offers food service and beach lounger and umbrella rental service. It is also recommended for windsurfing enthusiasts.


2. Misincu Beach

The beautiful bay of Misinco in the marina of Porticciolo is a more reserved destination compared to the most famous beaches, and it is the closest to Maison Simonpietri. Easily accessible, it is a poetic landscape painting suspended between the turquoise sea and the white beach.


3. Méria Beach

Marina di Méria is a delightful sight that alternates between a pebble beach and a tamarisk scrub that gives shade to children or becomes a cool spot away from the heat.


4. Nonza Beach

The striking characteristic of this beach, also known as the black beach, is the color of the sand that alternates between shades of gray and black.


5. Cala Beach (Barcaggio)


Delimited by dunes, located to the east of the village, this splendid beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica. An unusual characteristic of this place is that you may find some peaceful cows lying on the beach.



Corsica: Places of interest – Cap Corse Itinerary


Explore Cap Corse on foot


Coastal Path

Le Chemin de douanier (the coastal path) is a trail that runs for 19 km from Macinaggio to Centuri, which was uncovered after rehabilitation works were completed in 1998.
The Path was the old route traveled by gendarmes from which it takes its name, and nowadays it has finally recover its great charm of an itinerary that comprises both land and sea, a route that includes Mediterranean scrubs, promontories, sandy coves, and Romanesque chapels.


Luri River – Outdoor Thermal Bath

The Luri (Fundali stream) is a mountain freshwater river in the hamlet of Castello, in the village of Luri.
At 9 km of Maison Simonpietri, it is the perfect destination to immerse yourself in nature and breathe fresh air while traveling this “Path of Health,” regenerating among its clearings, where you can swim or rest near the small waterfall in a natural oasis.


Horseback riding at Cap Corse


The pristine beauty of Cap Corse natural heritage recalls the charm of horseback riding. Along the route you will discover breathtaking landscapes, traveling on old mule tracks, in the dim light of the woods of Pietracorbara, resting in the shade of a Romanesque chapel, or galloping through wild trails until reaching the seashore.

Horseback riding is a wonderful way to discover Corsica, halfway between the ground and the sky!… I take this opportunity to show you the most beautiful views and tell you the story of the region.
Véronique Nicoli

For further information:
Centro Equestre “Cavallu Di Brando”
Lieu-dit Marmoraggia,
20222 Brando, Francia



Mountain Bike Tour


The hinterland of Cap Corse, full of wild trails between clearings and rocky peaks, offers interesting technical excursions of medium and high difficulty suitable for mountain bike enthusiasts. 


These are 3 downhill routes that no mountain biker should miss:


  1. Bocca a Teghie
  2. Bocca Foatello
  3. Pignu Cardo


To learn more about the circuits, please visit Trailforks.